If you struggle to find the correct HTML reference number for a specific color then you just may find this new tool useful – We have created ...
An ideal way to promote your website or blog is through a QR code (see also #1). A QR Code is an image that detects the device a user is using and then directs them to the website (or it could be used to direct them to an email address, or telephone number, etc).

We offer a range of QR Code design options and packages – from one single custom QR Code Design up to complete packages containing
A useful, and Free Mobile Phone Simulator Tool to help you quickly & easily see how your website appears and performs on various mobile devices (and it’s 100% free to use). … Just click on the image in this post to visit the webpage, or visit this link: http://bestcheapwebsitedesign.com/simulator/index.htm
If you’d seen and admired those “Mini-Ads” modules (such as the one displayed on this website – see our website footer area) and you were wondering how to make them for your own website, then here’s a simple and fast tutorial, complete with step-by-step instructions and screenshots.

Note: Mini-Ads are a great way to add some advertising to your website without it taking up too much space or a
If you own or manage a WordPress Blog or Website, then you probably already know that hackers have been targeting WordPress blogs worldwide via “Brute-Force Attacks” (although I wish to point out that this problem is by no means only affecting WordPress websites & blogs – it’s a problem for ALL webmasters, no matter what CMS or platform their websites are built / running on. ). So, what can you
The growing trend of using mobile devices such as cell phones, Tablets and iPads to access the internet is rapidly increasing in dominance according to the latest statistics gained from research by IBM and others, with IBM research reporting that the number of consumers using a mobile device ....
Content (images, links, videos, written posts) is the heart and driving force of any Facebook page for it mainly determines a site's traffic and reputation
I manage and maintain a large number of WordPress websites, and this year I have noticed a HUGE increase in the amount of brute-force attempts / attacks – as have many other webmasters, apparently. For those of you who don’t know what a “brute-force” attempt / attack is....
(Includes Link To Free Downloadable Report) A large part of the appeal of the social media “explosion” was that it was supposed to be a faster, cheaper and easier form of marketing than traditional marketing. Another was that anyone could do it. All you had to do was put out a few tweets or set up a Facebook page and then the money would come rolling in…… The internet is slowly becoming a lot lik
Ever wondered when is the best time to tweet or to send your auto-tweets out for maximum traffic in return? or how many times you should tweet per hour in order to have the most effective amount of communication with your potential customers? ….