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As I’ve gotten older (& hopefully a bit wiser), I have realized just how incredibly hard we, as a society make it for the average inventor or entrepreneur to be able to secure funding or any form of backing / support, and not just in Australia, but everywhere around the developed world. I recently got quite angry with the situation and it’s sheer ridiculousness, and I even considered (for a brief
How to Effectively Use Social Media for Business The use of social networking sites to connect people has become so widespread today. But other than those who just want to communicate with friends, old and new, social media is also currently being taken advantage by business oriented people as a way to reach their target [...]
Using Social Media for Business – Beginner’s Guide

On the topic of social media applications, there seem to be three types of people: the super users, the avoiders, and the people that say, “I know I need to, but which ones and why?” Most business people probably fall into the last group: the ocean of people who lie between the early-adopter ?-geeks and those mind-boggling creatures who only c
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