Terms & Conditions of Membership & For Submitting Bookmarks To MixBookmarks

last modified:  30th May 2011

This is our legal policy & rules for membership on MixBookmarks website (the Site) and for submitting bookmarks  and or other content & information to the Site.

All members must agree to abide by these rules when joining the Site or submitting any bookmarks to the Site. Failure to comply with these rules may result in the membership being revoked and or all of the offending members bookmarks being deleted. It may also result in the offending member being banned, blocked  or even marked as a spammer, (which results in automatic deletion of all previous submitted bookmarks, and the details of the spammer may also be placed onto a spam prevention database).

We also recommend that you read our excellent article Social Bookmarking Etiquette to gain a better understanding of the appropriate way of using bookmarking websites, and what is expected from the broader community, and why.


The Rules:

  • All members must provide their REAL NAMES and a VALID, WORKING EMAIL ADDRESS when applying for membership on the Site. All members must also keep their account details up to date, and ensure that their details are always current and correct. Members who fail to comply may lose their membership & privileges on the Site as a result.


  • Only English-Language Websites are permitted. Websites submitted in other languages will be deleted without notice. The submitting member may also be marked as a spammer by our system, resulting in all previous bookmarks being automatically deleted.


  • Members may only submit bookmarks to websites which are permitted and acceptable to the Site. Types of websites which are prohibited include websites which promote or include the following:

    • Child abuse, child pornography, adult pornography, bondage, animal abuse & animal cruelty, terrorism, violence, racial intolerance, hatred,  illicit drugs or illicit drug paraphernalia, illegal file-sharing, illegal downloads & warez / torrent websites, websites which breach copyright laws, gambling, tobacco, prescription pharmaceuticals (products which normally require a prescription in Australia and or most other western countries), escort agencies,  brothels & prostitution, mail-order brides, Guns, Weapons, ponzi-schemes, pyramid schemes, money laundering, websites offering unsecured or short term money loans (and which are not managed by an officially registered bank or banking institution), puppy farms or any commercial enterprise which involves animal suffering or animal exploitation,  sites with offensive or vulgar language, link-farms,and any websites which are normally prohibited by the Google Adsense program.


  • NO VIDEOS may be inserted into the bookmark descriptions / excerpts. Any such bookmarks will be deleted immediately, and the offending members account may also be deleted and/ or marked as a spammer by our system, resulting in all previous bookmarks being automatically deleted.


  • NO AFFILIATE LINKS are to be included in bookmarks. This includes both within the bookmark title links, and within the description / excerpts. Any such bookmarks will be deleted immediately, and the offending members account may be blocked and marked as a spammer by our system. This action will result in all previous bookmarks submitted by the offending member being automatically deleted from our system.


  • All websites submitted must be fully operational. Websites which are under construction are not permitted. Any bookmarks which are found to be broken will be deleted without notice.


  • No re-directional links / misleading links allowed. Any bookmarks found to be using re-directional links & which are designed in a way to mislead the visitor, will be deleted. If the misleading website concerned was submitted by one of our members, their membership may be revoked and all of the offending members bookmarks removed.


  • Any bookmarks which change radically after submission and which no longer represent the content when first submitted, will be deleted without notice.


  • All bookmark submissions to the site must be made manually – Automatic bookmark submission software is not allowed.


  • All members must be over the age of 15.


  • All members agree to keep their details and passwords private, and must agree that they will not disclose or lend out these details to any other third party.


  • All members agree to behave responsibly and politely at all times when interacting or corresponding with MixxBookmarks staff or other members on the Site.


  • MixxBookmarks, it’s staff & any subsidiaries take no responsibility for material submitted to this site, nor do we make any promises or guarantees that any bookmarks, comments or memberships will not be deleted in the future. It is the individual members responsibility to make secure backups or alternative storage for any bookmarks they wish to retain.


  • Whilst MixxBookmarks endeavors to prevent and immediately remove any offensive or unlawful content posted on our site, we cannot guarantee that such content will not be submitted from time to time. By interacting with this site you hereby agree to the risk involved in viewing the user-generated  content published on this site, and agree that MixxBookmarks, it staff and any subsidiaries or partners are not legally responsible.  Should any member find any illegal or offensive material posted on the site, please inform us of it immediately via our contact us page accompanied by details of the content in question & why you think it should be removed, and we will endeavor to remove it immediately.


  • Any comments, ideas, suggestions or bookmarks submitted to this site will immediately become the property of MixxBookmarks upon submission. By submitting information to this website you are agreeing to these conditions.


  • All members agree to receive any notices, announcements & newsletters from MixxBookmarks. By applying for and or maintaining a membership with MixxBookmarks website you are simultaneously agreeing to our terms. Any membership accounts found to be without a working  or correct email address will be deleted.

This document may be amended at any time in the future. When it is updated a copy will be posted on the MixxBookmarks Blog and or on the MixxBookmarks main website. It is the responsibility of all members to read this document carefully and to also check for any updates to this document whenever visiting the Site.