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How to Get Your Account Banned from This Website

How to Get Your Account Banned from Social Bookmarking Sites

Bookmarking sites have become the target of spammers in recent years, which has forced many Bookmarking sites to either improve their spam detection abilities, or simply close down. The reason some webmasters might choose to simply give up and walk away is the sheer volume of spam, which can make managing any affected website almost impossible. Webmasters simply get tired of spending so many hours each day cleaning up their sites for no money or benefit in return.

I thought therefore that I’d explain to you just WHY the problem is so bad, and what it means in the long term for you.

Six Tips On Social Bookmarking Submission

Six Tips On Social Bookmarking Submissions

Six Tips On Social Bookmarking Submission

Social Bookmarking allows people to store bookmarks online instead of just putting the links in their favorites folder or bookmarks stored within their web-browser or computer. The advantage of this system is that anyone can access their bookmarked sites from any computer or even from a mobile phone, and from anywhere in the world.

Social Bookmarking websites also allow others to access and share bookmarks, so bookmarking may also help to promote a website.

But how do you submit your bookmarks successfully? How do you prevent being blacklisted from a bookmarking site or marked as a spammer? How do you get visitors to your website to bookmark your articles or site? The following tips can help you.