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Social Bookmarking Etiquette

Social Bookmarking Etiquette

Social Bookmarking Etiquette

Social Bookmarking websites are a great tool for sharing useful bookmarks, information and resources, and useful for webmasters to promote their site or information at no expense. Social Bookmarking is an excellent way to bring targeted traffic to your website with little effort, too. However, bookmarking sites are only as good as the people who use them, and they are also vulnerable to spammers, who often use them as a form of free classified advertising.

When people abuse them or use bad etiquette, not only does it get very annoying for the webmaster and the other users of the site, but it can actually cause the downfall of the entire site if not kept in check. How? Quite simply because most webmasters will eventually give up in despair – after all, would YOU like to spend many hours of your precious time every week deleting spam & maintaining a site, for absolutely nothing in return?. Is it any wonder why so many webmasters simply give up & close or sell their bookmarking website?.

If Your MixxBookmarks Account Has Been Blocked or Deleted….

If your MixxBookmarks account has recently been blocked or deleted it is most likely that you have been detected as a spammer by our system. We have recently been forced to increase our spam detection methods & commit many extra hours of manual checking due to the MASSIVE number of spammy  links being submitted to MixxBookmarks by some members, some of whom were also using multiple accounts to submit spam.

We have already given numerous warnings about the consequences of submitting spam, which unfortunately have all been ignored. This has caused us an enormous amount of work, for which we do not get paid. If you cannot be bothered to abide by our rules & just want to deface our site with your spammy rubbish & make us work untold hours for nothing in return, then adios amigos and good riddance.

Therefore, anyone submitting spam will be instantly blocked and their account marked as a spammer.

How to Get Your Account Banned from This Website

How to Get Your Account Banned from Social Bookmarking Sites

Bookmarking sites have become the target of spammers in recent years, which has forced many Bookmarking sites to either improve their spam detection abilities, or simply close down. The reason some webmasters might choose to simply give up and walk away is the sheer volume of spam, which can make managing any affected website almost impossible. Webmasters simply get tired of spending so many hours each day cleaning up their sites for no money or benefit in return.

I thought therefore that I’d explain to you just WHY the problem is so bad, and what it means in the long term for you.

New Feature: Your Bookmarks Are Now Posted To Twitter!

Hello everyone,

Just a quick post to let you know that we now have a Twitter page for MixxBookmarks!

This means that when your bookmark are published in the future they will also be posted to our Twitter page in addition to the MixxBookmarks website, resulting in extra promotion and visibility for your bookmarks without ANY additional work or costs involved for you whatsoever.

Extra Promotion Via “Twitter Followers” Widget

Follow Us On Twitter!Our Twitter followers will also get an extra promotion – all our followers icons are displayed via our “Twitter Followers” side widget on this blog (we may add a followers widget to the main site in the future, however at this time it is not possible….).

Please do get behind this new service and help promote it / follow it so that it flourishes, as we think it will be very useful and rewarding for all members and as well as giving your bookmarks more visibility it has the potential to bring in new traffic / members too, which in turn means more exposure again.