If Your MixxBookmarks Account Has Been Blocked or Deleted….

If your MixxBookmarks account has recently been blocked or deleted it is most likely that you have been detected as a spammer by our system. We have recently been forced to increase our spam detection methods & commit many extra hours of manual checking due to the MASSIVE number of spammy  links being submitted to MixxBookmarks by some members, some of whom were also using multiple accounts to submit spam.

We have already given numerous warnings about the consequences of submitting spam, which unfortunately have all been ignored. This has caused us an enormous amount of work, for which we do not get paid. If you cannot be bothered to abide by our rules & just want to deface our site with your spammy rubbish & make us work untold hours for nothing in return, then adios amigos and good riddance.

Therefore, anyone submitting spam will be instantly blocked and their account marked as a spammer.

We Are Not A Free Classified Ad Service….

We are not a free classified ads service. We are not a free backlink service or a free link farm. We are not here to help professional link services in 3rd world countries earn money by submitting useless spammy links in order to provide SEO benefits to their paying clients. We would end up being poorer than those 3rd world residents if we allowed it to continue. We could also end up being shut down and this site closed if we didn’t block the spam, some of which was found to promote illegal products or services.

We Are A Social Bookmarking Service

We are a social bookmarking service for people wishing to bookmark genuinely worthy or interesting links. That means those links have to be useful and / or interesting to other members or visitors. This is the same as is required on all other reputable bookmarking sites – we are not asking any more from members than most other Bookmarking sites already insist upon.

If You Can’t Be Bothered Writing Any Useful Content for Your Site, Then We Can’t Be Bothered With Your Submissions…….

Another problem seems to be webmasters / owners of websites who want free advertising & backlinks on MixxBookmarks without doing anything for this privilege. They seem to think that a bookmark titled “SEO Services” or “Joe’s Plumbing” & which just leads to some e-commerce site equals a bookmark worthy of submission – it doesn’t.  And it will be deleted. And if you repeat the submission you will be blocked as a spammer, because that’s what you are.

Anyone who cannot be bothered writing any articles or other useful content for their own website should pay for advertising, just like the other people with other useless crappy sites or no content have to, in order to attract any traffic.

Multiple Submissions of Identical Content is Still Considered Spamming….

Same goes for anyone submitting multiple links to the same site (…..and even if you are sneaky and try to change the titles slightly, it’s still duplication, and therefore against our rules – and believe me, we WILL find you, eventually….). If we didn’t want one of your useless, crappy links, what makes you think we’d like 5 of them?

Do NOT submit duplicate links, or you & your links will be removed, and your account blocked.

What To Do If Your Account Has Been Blocked / Deleted….

You will probably need to open up a new account. All of your former bookmarks will have been deleted.  Also be warned that if we continue to have many members blatantly ignore the rules for submission we will take the next step and block their IP’s from even being able to access the site…

Anyone who thinks we are being harsh should consider how they would like to keep spending all of their weekends and evenings working for free just because of some lazy webmasters or parasitic commercial backlink services seeking free advertising & free SEO backlinks.