How to Get Your Account Banned from This Website

How to Get Your Account Banned from Social Bookmarking Sites

Bookmarking sites have become the target of spammers in recent years, which has forced many Bookmarking sites to either improve their spam detection abilities, or simply close down. The reason some webmasters might choose to simply give up and walk away is the sheer volume of spam, which can make managing any affected website almost impossible. Webmasters simply get tired of spending so many hours each day cleaning up their sites for no money or benefit in return.

I thought therefore that I’d explain to you just WHY the problem is so bad, and what it means in the long term for you.

The problem seems to be mainly the professional marketers, SEO companies, back-link merchants, cheap labor in India and other developing countries and the automated submission softwares being used by these “Spammers for Hire”.  Their customers think they are getting a good deal – cheap backlinks placed all over the internet on hundreds or even thousands of websites for a relatively small outlay.  The Merchant Spammers get their money. The customers get their poor quality websites exposure they wouldn’t otherwise (as they are often poor quality sites with even poorer quality content). Everyone’s happy, right?

Well, no not everyone. You see, the poor sods who lovingly build and maintain the bookmarking websites in order to provide a free service are not happy. Their websites are now full of spammy crap, and sometimes with the sort of crap which can get them banned from Google or their web-hosting service too (such as bookmarks for Warez/Torrent sites, illicit drugs, porn and the like).

The real cost of spam to the bookmarking website

Even if we manage to avoid any penalties, our bandwidth costs increase, our data-space increases, and even simple maintenance tasks such as backups take much longer due to the 1000’s of spammy bookmarks in the database. Then there is the constant mountain of new spammy links we have to go through every day, 365 day a year, again for no money or benefit to us in return.

All in all, it is enough to make the webmaster want to give up. Which means our other members suffer too. Of course, in the long run, what this might mean is that a great many bookmarking websites may eventually dissappear.

Effects of spam on the other website members

But even if a bookmarking site carries on and does not close, it also affects the other genuine, non-spammy members of the bookmarking site, too. You see, their genuine bookmarks get totally SWAMPED and hidden under the huge pile of crap being dumped by the spammy members.

Then there is the effect of all the spam on the visitors too. They cannot find anything good on the website anymore because anything of any usefulness is now obscured under the mountain of spam. The bookmarking site is no longer interesting to visitors.

In short, EVERYONE else suffers due to the actions of some greedy, selfish people who could not care less about the bookmarking website, it’s owners, it’s visitors or it’s other members. They are self-centered a$$h@les who just want to get to the top any way they can, and with as little effort as possible.

Well, I have a message to them: Go build and run your own bookmarking website for your spammy rubbish, and then waste your own weekends and evenings cleaning up other peoples spam for no money and see how you like it. We’ve had enough. We have already began deleting 1000’s of bookmarks, and have closed down dozens of suspected spammer accounts in recent days. Those former members can no longer access the site. Anyone who has had their account deleted by mistake will need to sign up again – I am sorry if it causes any inconvenience, but the situation has become so out-of-control we have been forced to take drastic action, or close down the site.

The Way Forward…..

I would also urge all current members to take great care when submitting any new bookmarks, as every single submission is now under close scrutiny. Anything that appears to be nothing more than free advertising for a product or service is likely to be deleted / not approved. We are also performing periodic spot-checks on the account-holders of any new submissions, and older submissions – if an account is found to have duplicates, or it looks like they just placing paid links for people or links which are just free ads for some product etc, those previous listings will be deleted and the account may also be marked as a spammer & banned. NO WARNINGS ARE BEING GIVEN.

If those spammy members want to get advertising for their products or services then I suggest they do what others have to do and PAY FOR IT…

What our members should remember when submitting bookmarks

We are currently compiling a full and comprehensive rules & regulations document, plus also a prohibited products & sites list so that all members will have a clear understanding of what is expected, what is allowed and what isn’t.

In the meantime,

  • Don’t submit duplicates,
  • Don’t submit duplicates…..they are highly annoying
  • Don’t submit 20 bookmarks which are just variations of the one subject / product but are merely worded differently – if your product or service was any good one bookmark would be enough….and you would be able to afford to pay for proper advertising….
  • Don’t submit links which are not of any use or benefit to the other members or our visitors. An interesting article on SEO that provides tips and useful information is fine, but a link to “BEST SEO SERVICES IN LOS ANGELES” is not, and it will probably be deleted, and possibly all your previous listings your account, too.
  • All submissions must be suitable for general viewing by persons age 13 and older.
  • Don’t submit links to products or services which are likely to cause offense to some people. This includes any violence, hate, discrimination, illicit drug use, animal cruelty and obscenity.
  • Don’t post links to porn, or sleazy sites – this includes any so called  “Escort” agencies, due to the very real problem of some escort agencies being linked to the sex-slave industry, and they are also not suitable for viewing by our younger visitors.
  • Don’t submit links to products or services which are illegal (such as drugs & drug-paraphernalia, warez/torrent/illegal downloads, medications which require a doctors prescription in Australia, etc)
  • Don’t submit bookmarks which are just to promote a one-off sale, such as “size 6 pre-loved dress for sale”. This is not a bookmark, it is a classified ad that you are trying to avoid paying for – go to Ebay or some other classified website. We are not here to provide you with free classified ads.
  • DO NOT submit any links to any website selling animals, such as “Puppy Farms”  or anything which  promotes anything even remotely against the best interests of animal rights – they will not be listed and your account might even be deleted. Anyone making money from the misery of animals is lower than scum, and is not welcome here.
  • If you use capitals in the title of the posts, the moderator will delete your posts.
  • Do not use an automated system or software to post your site’s URL to our  social bookmarking site. Automated software can also get your website banned.
  • If your account is banned and you open another account but continue to submit spam, your IP address will be banned so that you won’t be able to access the site anymore.

The most important thing is that the news must be interesting. For example, SEO posts are not well liked in the Digg social bookmarking site. Likewise, we too are sick to death of the 1000’s of SEO bookmarks made by SEO marketers, and are deleting many of them. If those websites are too lazy to create any content or articles of real value or interest, then they should pay for advertising to get their sub-standard sites some publicity. We are not an advertising website, classified ads site, nor are we a link-farm. We are a bookmarking website where the bookmarks are supposed to be your favourite and best bookmarks which you think others might also like, not rubbish that no-one wants to visit.

I hope our genuine members understand and appreciate the need for us to take such a stern stance on spammy submissions.

Report spam and offenders to us….

We ask all of you to assist us in identifying spammy (or inappropriate / offensive etc) submissions by alerting us to any offenders so that we can remove their accounts and listings from the site. You can do this by either contacting us via the contact us form on this blog, or by “Burying” the spammy listings via the “Bury” button displayed next to all bookmark listings. Listings which have been buried will alert us to any problem we might have missed.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in tackling this scourge