About MixxBookmarks

MixxBookmarks is a HUMAN EDITED popular “Do follow” Social bookmarking website for bookmarking and managing categorized resources.

All bookmarks are MANUALLY APPROVED by a real human before they are published to our site. This may mean some delay before your bookmarks are published – such is life. It is the only way we can prevent spam and any other unsuitable links being posted to our site. This strict code of practice has made MixxBookmarks one of the highest quality bookmarking sites on the internet today.

Our moderators for MixxBookmarks are VERY STRICT – only the best bookmarks are approved and published. If your bookmarks are not approved or deleted – that’s too bad. However, we will only approve and publish high-quality bookmarks and bookmarks that we think will interest others. Please read our terms and conditions document on our blog website for more information on the types of bookmarks we allow.

MixxBookmarks Blog is our blog website. It is here that you will find all our company news and announcements, promotions, legal documents and other useful information.

Since Feb. 2011 MixxBookmarks has been owned and maintained by Business-In-Site Pty Ltd