Monthly Archives: February 2011

New Feature: Your Bookmarks Are Now Posted To Twitter!

Hello everyone,

Just a quick post to let you know that we now have a Twitter page for MixxBookmarks!

This means that when your bookmark are published in the future they will also be posted to our Twitter page in addition to the MixxBookmarks website, resulting in extra promotion and visibility for your bookmarks without ANY additional work or costs involved for you whatsoever.

Extra Promotion Via “Twitter Followers” Widget

Follow Us On Twitter!Our Twitter followers will also get an extra promotion – all our followers icons are displayed via our “Twitter Followers” side widget on this blog (we may add a followers widget to the main site in the future, however at this time it is not possible….).

Please do get behind this new service and help promote it / follow it so that it flourishes, as we think it will be very useful and rewarding for all members and as well as giving your bookmarks more visibility it has the potential to bring in new traffic / members too, which in turn means more exposure again.

Welcome to the new MixxBookmarks Blog!

Hello everyone and welcome to the new MixxBookmarks Blog!.

This new Blog is where we will be keeping you informed of any news or promotions etc (so perhaps you should Bookmark this blog!).

New MixxBookmarks Twitter Page

We also now have a MixxBookmarks Twitter page so I encourage everyone to sign up & help promote everyone’s bookmarks to a new audience on Twitter. Upon approval by the MixxBookmarks administration, all new bookmarks will be also posted to our Twitter page.

We only started the MixxBookmarks Twitter page about 18 or so hours ago so we haven’t promoted it yet but it already has some followers & growing, so we think it will be very helpful to our members & it provides our members with another level of exposure (but without any extra work!).